Natural Treatments for Warts, Including Veruccas (Plantar Wart) Removal

By iBEcWforevs March 8, 2017 Wart Removal

Why did the old wive’s tail that handling toads leads to warts come about? Probably because warts are a

generally misunderstood, grotesque and embarrassing growth that can occur all over the human body.

Most warts although unsightly are painless and can even go away on their own…

but there are times when some warts are painful and even worrisome because in rare cases, they may even be a sign of cancer.

What are Veruccas?

aka Plantar Warts are warts that grow on the bottom of feet and tend to grow together, cluster-like..


What Causes Veruccas or Plantar Warts?

They are formed from a virus contracted through skin contact from a cut or scrape and like most viral infections are very contagious.

They can spread from skin to skin contact, towels and even wet surfaces like public swimming pools, communal showers at gyms or even at home.

This is also very common among people that engage in athletic activity that requires your feet to be bare like yoga or martial arts..

Verrucas like most warts are harmless, but because of the location, people may experience pain and discomfort…

Rest easy though, whether painful or not, you can get rid of this affliction

Here are some easy ways to naturally remove stubborn veruccas. Many of these remedies may already be hanging around the kitchen or bathroom cabinet or worst case scenario, purchased for very little money.

Natural Treatments for Plantar Wart Removal

  1. Tea tree oil, which you can easily in any health food  or vitamin store is a safe and effective remedy.  It is naturally anti-bacterial and applying just a few drops to the wart infested area will clear the veruccas within a few treatments.Honestly, this is quite amazing because medical science on sites like state that warts are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and the common knowledge is that no antibacterial treatment should work.But many testimonials have shown otherwise.  While these home treatments do not cure the virus, they work in clearing the ugly warts!
  2. Another simple remedy which may be a bit weird to do is , although it may be a bit cumbersome or weird..
    is a cotton ball, a piece of duct tape and hydrogen peroxide.Duct tape is the tried and true for all forms of DIY methods and it does not disappoint here either.  You will need hydrogen peroxide which you can get at any pharmacy, duct tape and a cotton ball.
    1. First cut a small square from the duct tape roll big enough to envelope the cotton ball.Next soak the cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide and squeeze it in the sink to ring out the excess liquid.Now stick it onto the are where your warts are located.Repeat this process daily with a different cotton ball and duct tape for 5-10 days until the wart literally falls off.  They key to this method if just consistency.

==> Lastly, it is important to NEVER cut off a wart yourself. This is dangerous and no doctor recommends doing this as it can cause numerous complications and leave you open to infection.

Guide for People with Really Stubborn Veruccas Plantar Warts

If you are really If you are serious about removing your warts, I highly recommend you check out the book “Moles, Warts, and Skin Tag Removal”. The name could not be more plain, but it really WORKS!

Check it out my review of the book here:

===>Moles, Warts, & Skin Tags Removal“ Simply Amazing

To sum it up, warts no matter where you are experiencing them are manageable issues which with the purchase of a few inexpensive products (that you may already own) can be cleared up pretty quickly.

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