Can you remove a wart naturally without a doctor?

By iBEcWforevs March 8, 2017 Wart Removal

Most people believe that the only way to remove a wart, is to have a doctor surgically extract it

The irony is, this is one of the conditions people frequently face that can be fixed with simple home remedies.

You can do this yourself!

Consulting a doctor isn’t bad, but it takes an investment of time and those fees really rack up quickly..

especially when you consider that they charge per wart for removal…

Worst of all…there is no guarantee that the doctor’s removal treatments will actually work..

Below are some home treatments for wart removal..

A lot of the items you need to remove warts are in most people’s kitchen cabinets.

Believe it or not, one of the most effective treatments uses duct tape and a garlic clove

How you ask?

  1. Peel the garlic clove and to cut a piece that will cover the affected area…
  2. Next, apply the garlic to the warts and cover it with duct tape. This needs to be applied for 30 monutes per day, EVERY day for at 1-2 weeks.  Ideally it should not take the entire two weeks.

Another highly effective remedy uses hydrogen peroxide. Consistently applying hydrogen peroxide to the effected area with a cotton ball for several days to a couple of weeks.  This method is also inexpensive and many people already have the ingredients in their homes.

For people really serious about removing grotesque and unsightly warts…

I highly recommend you check out the book “Moles, Warts, and Skin Tag Removal”. Check out my full personal review of it here:

“Moles, Warts, & Skin Tags Removal“ Simply Amazing
Really, in-home remedies are by far the most wallet friendly methods of dealing with warts and many other conditions.  The trade off is the focus and discipline of taking the time to treat your warts daily.

Treat your warts early and when done right you can clear your warts in an efficient and affordable manner.

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